Fall Crown List Schedule:



5:00pm                     Troll Opens

11:00pm                  Troll Closes


7:00am                    Troll Opens

8:00am                    Kingdom Greater Officers Breakfast

9:00am                    Procession Line Up

9:30am                    Procession

10:30am                  Tourney Begins

12:00noon              Fund-Raiser Lunch

1:00pm Troll Closes

2:00pm Rose Tea (Order of the Rose)

2:00pm Order of the Sable Sword Meeting

2:45pm Order of the Velvet Owl Meeting

3:45pm Order of the Bough Meeting

5:15pm Royal Court

6:30pm Feast

After Feast - Elevation of Master Geoffrey (Bob Gillespie)


10:00am Site Closes


Fundraiser  Lunch:

Tentative menu is as follows: period chicken and rice dish with a bread pudding dessert or a vegetarian shepherd's pie with the same dessert and a ice tea or ice water and we're going to have hot chocolate, coffee and tea available for purchase also.


Childrens Activities:

9:30am Illumination—Single Letter

10:30am Babble Wands—Children will make bubble wands with copper wire and beads

11:30am Break for Lunch

1:30pm Awards—What They Are & How to Get Them. Children will also

Design an award

2:30pm Outdoor Games. Bocce, Skittles

3:30pm Close & Clean Up



Southern Picnic; Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Chicken, Corn on the Cobb, Macaroni and CHeese, chips, Slice of cake.

Feast will be a take and go social type event to encourage continued interaction into the evening.