Basic Schedule:

Schedule: Site opens at 8:00am. Morning activities from 9:00am-12:00pm. There will be aFund-Raiser Lunch from 12:00pm-1:00pm. Afternoon activities from 1:00pm-5:00pm include more fighting and fun.  Fighting may run through lunchtime if extra time is required. Court will be held on the field after the fighting -- or at the whim of Their Majesties Adhemar & Elina. Site closes at 7:00pm.

Heavy Fighting:

Legends Heavy Tournaments:
Spartacus, the Soldier turned slave turned general. We will celebrate part of that journey at Legends this June.
Tabernus Castra: (Boot Camp) – A bridesmaid tourney open to any who has not previously won a heavy tournament.Spartacus arrives at the Lutis, and must learn the ways of the Gladiators. This tournament honors that transition by challenging any who has not yet tasted victory in the arena to come forth in a test of arms. Format will be either round robin or double elimination depending on number of entrants.

Protector Solis: (Protector of the Sun) – Double elimination tourney

Spartacus grows in understanding of the skills and courage needed to become a true champion. Before he can compete to become champion of Capua, he must first prove is worth among his own stable of gladiators. Each year, the Lutis crowns its champion, styled the protector of the sun in honor of mighty Jupiter. All fighters and weapons styles are welcome as all vie to win the field and wear the trappings of champion.

Primus: (First or Champion)- Speed tourneys followed by a grand melee.

At long last the Games begin. As is tradition in Capua the various houses will send their gladiators forth to do battle in a series of matches, the winners of those matches will advance to the grand melee to determine the champion of Capua. This champion will hold the coveted rudis (wooden sword) and title Rudiarius (free Gladiator).


 Youth Combat will include tourneys for each division and possibly another as yet unspecified tourney.



Rapier Activities:
Tournaments for Legends
The Colosseum, Rise of the Rebellion,This will be a bear pit style tournament, except that the fighter holding the pit is Spartacus and they are trying to sway the other gladiators to join them in the rebellion. The first fighter out will be trying to kill Spartacus if Spartacus dies then the fighter that kill Spartacus will become Spartacus, if Spartacus kills the other fighter then they go t the back of the line. If Spartacus wounds the other fighter they then join him/her on the field and 2 fighter come to engage this continues until either Spartacus is dead or all fighters have joined Spartacus. The winner will be determined by how many fighters they get to join them while they are Spartacus.

If by chance someone get all the fighters to join them before everyone gets a chance to be Spartacus, that fighter will sit out the remainder of the tournament until everyone has had a chance to be Spartacus.

Enter Crasuss,

Spartacus with his followers will engage in battle with the Roman Legions
The format is melee the winner of the Colosseum tourney will choose a number of fighters to join him/her (this will be determine by the total number of fighters that show up) to engage in battle the the legion under the command of Marcus Licinius Crassus. Which will be all the remaining fighters, this will be a one sided resurrection battle. Each member of the Spartacus team will get 3 resurrections the Crasuss team will get no resurrections.

Here comes Pompey to the rescue,

Spartacus is trapped with his amy staggered on the road,
The Spartacus team will be staged for a time entry in to the field with no resurrections while the initial force of Crasuss’s army will take the field. (Spartacus team will be sent in in 30 sec intervals until all of them are in, the initial force of Crasuss will be 2/3 of the remaining fighters with the Pompey force being held in reserve until all of Spartacus team in on the field only then will the Pompey force enter.

(Note. We will not be crucifying people to line the Appian Way from Rome to Capua.)


All Martial combat will take place on the Front Field.


Archery & Live Weapons:

The Sol Haven Archery & Live Weapons Corps will be running these activities on the Back Field throughout the day. These will feature our annual Golden Arrow Archery Tourney (the winner will get a token and will get in free to the next Legends), Royal Rounds, our Golden Dagger Thrown Weapons Tourney (the winner will get a prize), and another Thrown Weapons competition.

Archery and Live Weapons will take place on the Back Field.


Fund-Raiser Lunch Menu:

Pulled pork. Brisket. Potato salad. Baked beans. Roll. Lemonade or tea, Plum Tart for dessert.
We are still working out the price but wanted folks to know lunch will be availible on-site.


Royal Court:

Due to a change in their travel plans Their Royal Majesties Meridies will be able to join us for Legends. They will hold Court on the field at the end of the day (or whenever the whim strikes them; It is good to be King!).





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