Sol Haven Armorial
Saavogg Haraldsson - registered in September of 1980 (via Meridies): Per chevron argent and gules, in chief a compass star above a bear passant sable. Enawynne Olwen - registered in August of 1982 (via Meridies): Per bend vert and azure, a sword proper surmounted by a horse's head couped argent gorged of a collar Or, chased sable. Isabel de Ponthieu (aka Isabetta Giovanna Ruscellai) - registered in September of 1992 (via Meridies): Or, on a lozenge fleury at the points azure, a winged cat sejant guardant, forepaw raised Or. Alina Kathryn nic Duncan (aka Aziza) - registered in October of 1992 (via Meridies): Per bend sinister gules and azure, a bend sinister between a crescent and a caltrop argent. Bryce MacLaren - registered in October of 1994 (via Meridies): Barry nebuly sable and Or, on a bend gules a sword inverted Or. Conor MacPherson (aka Cona) -  registered in November of 1996 (via Meridies): Per pale argent and purpure, a winged great helm affronty, wings inverted and a bordure counterchanged.  Aislinn Chaomhanach - registered in April of 1999 (via Meridies): Or, on a cross nowy quadrate between in chief two shamrocks vert, a thunderbolt Or. Bearrach Aelwyn the Wolfhead (aka Boru)- registered in April of 1999 (via Meridies): Per bend sinister bendy sinister vert and argent, and argent, in sinister base a brown wolf's head, erased and affronty, proper, gorged of a coronet Or, maintaining in its mouth a garden rose gules, slipped and leaved vert. Bronwen o Gydweli - registered in January of 2001 (via Meridies): Per pale sable and argent, an antelope statant, in chief a pearled coronet counterchanged. Tuathflaith ingen Nuadat - registered in February of 2001 (via Meridies):Per bend sinister vert and sable, on a bend sinister bretessed between an oak sprig and a triquetra argent an arrow inverted sable.  Alicia of Dunbar - registered in January of 2004 (via Meridies): Per pale vert and Or, in pale a roundel and a butterfly counterchanged. Adam Caomhanach - registered in July of 2004 (via Meridies): Per bend azure and argent, a bend counterchanged between a sun in his splendor Or and three arrows two and one sable. William Scrivener - registered in July of 2004 (via Meridies): Argent, three crosses crosslet fitchy gules and a bordure sable. Conchobhar mac Bruaidin - registered in January of 2005 (via Meridies):Per chevron azure and vert, a chevron between three triquetras one and two and a boar passant contourny argent.  Siobhan inghean Bhraonain - registered in November of 2005 (via Meridies): Azure, a double-headed lion queue-forchy rampant contourny maintaining in its sinister forepaw a sword inverted and on a chief argent two wooden spoons in saltire proper.  James de Lyon of Glen Lyon - registered in October of 2006 (via Meridies): Sable, a double-headed lion queue-forchy contourny maintaining a sword inverted and on a bordure embattled argent an orle of keys, wards inward, sable. Generys le Boghyere - registered in May of 2007 (via Meridies): Argent, a hummingbird rising vert throated and sustaining in its feet an arrow fesswise reversed gules and on a chief potenty azure three roses argent barbed vert. Deirdre inghean ui Thighearnain - registered in November of 2007 (via Meridies): Gules, an olive tree enfiling a coronet and in chief three triskeles Or. Amelia von Wurtzburg - registered in January of 2010 (via Meridies): Azure, a columbine slipped and on a chief enarched argent three crosses crosslet fitchy gules. Dorothea Wilhelms - registered in January of 2010 (via Meridies): Argent, in pall a dove volant wings addorsed azure between three crosses crosslet fitchy gules. Emma Williamdoghter - registered in January of 2010 (via Meridies): Sable, a cross of four lozenges Or and in chief three columbines slipped and leaved argent. John Haddecombe - registered in February of 2013 (via Meridies): Or, in bend sinister three arrows bendwise inverted and on a chief gules two bat winged boars courant Or.Lykaina of Stone Hill Keep - registered in February of 1993 (via Meridies): Argent, on a pale between two arrows gules an arrow inverted agent, a bordure gules. Lucius Sempronius TacitusKaterina of DunveganAdelyna LovedayBasileios Philanthropenos PhilomathesBreuse Hartswood